Dry Needling – Trigger Point Release

Dry needling has become another popular method of relieving pain. Unlike acupuncture, where energy meridians are unblocked to help create balance within the bodily system, the myofascial trigger point is stimulated by inserting a very fine needle into it. The needles used are like the ones used for acupuncture. The tight muscle bands that are associated with trigger point which can cause pain over a large area are released by this procedure.

The aim of dry needling is to get a twitch response from the muscle poked and provide relaxation of the muscle. The needle is very fine which hardly causes any pain but there may be a slight soreness for a few day sometimes. Back pain, knee pain, arm pain, back and neck pain along with overuse injuries can be treated by dry needling. It can be used in combination with massage and stretching exercises.

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