How To Handle Your Contact Lenses Effectively?

It’s important to replace or change your contact lenses as and when your optician or eye doctor advises you to do so. This is important even if you’re not using your contact lenses on a daily basis. This guide will brief you some more tips to take care of your contact lenses.

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Tips to Use Contact Lenses by Lens123 Visioncare Experts 

  • Handling

It’s important that before touching your lenses, your hands are washed with a mild soap. Ideally such soap should be oil free having lots of fragrance. No matter if you have cheap contact lenses or costly ones, your hands should be dry. This can be ensured if after washing, you use a towel to dry your hands. This will ensure that debris don’t go into your eyes.

  • Using Contact Lenses

Apart from hands’ cleaning, it’s important to put the contact lenses in and out properly. You should try starting with the same eye each time you remove or insert your lenses. This will minimize the chances of putting the wrong lens in the wrong eye. In case your doctor has advised you to wash your lenses before inserting with a solution, don’t forget to do this.

This may be an important consideration even in case of cheap contact lenses. After rinsing with a solution, place the lens on your index finger and then insert it gently in your eye to avoid and harm or damage. While removing, first ensure that your hands are again clean, so that no debris can enter your eyes.


Hope this guide is helpful in giving you the required details about using contact lenses.

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