3 Types Of Screening Tests Done By Gastroenterologists

If you have regular gut and digestion problems or even if you are ageing over 50 then you can add a good gastroenterologist in your health care circle. Their precise examinations and effective medications on time can save you from serious diseases. However, research shows that a lot of digestion doctors in London perform high quality procedures to examine their patients and evaluate the situation.

doctor performing surgery

Given below are three most performed procedures by gastroenterologists:

Upper Endoscopy – Also, known as EDG it is a helpful examining procedure done by doctors to evaluate the condition of upper gastrointestinal tract. This tool is a flexible tube which has a small camera and light at its one end which goes inside the patient. It can be adjusted or moved by controls and it provides great assistance to the doctors. If you have a problem in your gut then you can visit a good NHS gastroenterologist from London.

Colonoscopy – The colonoscopy is the testing procedure of colon or large intestine. Doctors usually use this procedure to detect colorectal cancer in the patients with its symptoms. If any patient has high degree problems related to constipation, diarrhea, stomach burning, weight loss, blood stool, etc. then also doctors use this process to evaluate the condition of the patient. This procedure can also remove polyps if found during inspection.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram – To inspect the problems in pancreatic duct or biliary, the doctors used ERC which is actually a combination of fluoroscopy and endoscopy. They insert the endoscope to see the inside of stomach and other organs which also gives x-ray view of other ducts.

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