Enhance Your Confidence By Going For Hymen Repair

Hymen is term that is related to virginity in females. It is a thin tissue layer that serves as a barrier to the vaginal entrance. In many cultures, it is necessary to have the hymen intact as it proves that the girl is a virgin. Though it is thought that hymen ruptures at the time of first intercourse but as per the studies, it can also rupture if the girls have an active life and are involved in activities like cycling, horse riding, gymnastics etc. The girls in which hymen is ruptured, do not need to worry any more as there are hymen repair surgeries that help to restore the hymen. This surgery is also known as hymenoplasty. After the surgery, a women can feel more comfortable and more confident at her marital night.

Suitability for the treatment of hymen repair surgery

  • The surgery is for those women who have lost their virginity due to sex or any other activity like horse riding or at the time of using tampons.
  • Girls who are above eighteen years can undergo this surgery.
  • The women who are healthy and not suffering from any kind of illness can also go for the hymen restoration surgery.

Surgery type

  • Hymenoplasty – if you are willing to restore the hymen with this surgery type then it is preferable to go for the surgery 3-4 weeks prior to the marriage. In 30-40 minutes an artificial hymen will be placed inside the vagina.
  • Hymenorrhaphy – in this process, the hymen is repaired. The remnants of the hymen are stitched to repair the hymen. This procedure can be done a week before the wedding.

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