Treatments Suggested For Back Pain By Physicians

pacient with back pain
Back pains are more serious than you might think; therefore, they should not be taken lightly. Even a minor pain in your back can cause serious problems in the future or might be a sign of spinal problem. So, if you are experiencing any such problem, don’t ignore it and try to cure it soon. There are several physicians who provide treatments to relieve back pain. Any treatment should be taken in the supervision of an experienced physician.

These treatments include:

Medication – Painkillers are effective for immediate relief. If you have severe pain in your back which you can’t bear at all, the physician might provide you some painkillers. Although, these painkillers, when taken in high dosage for a long time, might cause gastric problems and other side effects, they are good for immediate results.

Nerve injection – If your back pain is the result of problem in nerve roots, the physician can also recommend injecting anesthesia in nerve roots using x-ray machines. Nerve problems due to inflammation and irritation can cause severe back pain. Injections are short term treatments and should not be given regularly, but are the best option for quick relief.

Psychological guidance – Severe back pains can cause further damage if you are getting mentally affected by it. It is possible that bad back pain can add to your misery list, and you might get stressed due to it. Here, correct psychological guidance can really help. Your physician might recommend you a psychologist who will aid you in reducing your stress, anxiety and depression. This will further help in reducing your pain.

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